About us

We are Gear for Travel, two partners in crime as they say.

Together we do have some areas of experience. Like we both have a Hotel and Café background. 

Together we do have travelled through europe and Northern Africa several times.

Experience made during the time spend in the Dutch Royal Airforce in The Netherlands and Germany in the eighties does give us a head start field work.

The experience we have gained by being guides for two German Travel companies did provide us with enough knowledge of how a day trip, weekend trip or langer should be done.

So, that is all about our skill set.

But why are we doing this? 

Because we have fun to be off the beaten path, to explore new little gems along the way. To see new places and travel through Europe and northern Africa.

Because we like to share this lifestyle with other people. To make them having a great time. And then we all have a great time.

We are not die hard business men. We are just two people with enough knowledge to make several professionals jealous.

We like to do Overlanding instead of Off roading. A world between those two and still so close to eachother.